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See, Mr. Fox? The best way to aid my fights is by accessorizing my team.


Ultimate Accessory is the nineteenth webisode of Season 2 of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries, and it's the thirty-second websiode overall. It premiered on November 3rd, 2016.


The webisode starts off in Lucius Fox's Weaponomics class, with him announcing that the mid-term will be to create a high-tech gadget/accessory that would be useful in a fight. Bumblebee, watching the announcement, at first looks unsure, but quickly grins, having realized she has an idea.

In the lab, Bumblebee's using some welding equipment to make some spring-loaded boots just as Harley Quinn approaches, with Bumblebee explaining how they can enhance jumping ability, and Harley expressing her excitement. But Frost walks by, remarking that they're lame, and that Bumblebee's gadget would not make sense for her to use given the fact that she can fly.

In the school gym, Bumblebee then demonstrates another gadget to Harley, Katana and Miss Martian - a Weapon Homing Device. She throws a weapon and then using her special homing glove, to attract it back to her. Frost approaches yet again, explaining how Bumblebee doesn't need to wield a pole, remarking it won't enhance her powers.

Bumblebee's next gadget is a pair of heat-vision enhancing glasses, but Frost once again downs the idea, saying that they wouldn't work unless Bumblebee suddenly gets heat-vision in the next five minutes.

At the docks, Lucius Fox and Bumblebee hide behind crates as Bumblebee tries to show off her mid-term assignment, with the help of some friends, as fish are flung everywhere. Just then, King Shark breaks through their crates, but Harley uses the spring-boots to jump on King Shark's face, getting his attention, causing him to charge into a wall of crates. King Shark breaks out from under the crates and Katana engages in combat with him. Dropping her sword mid-battle, she uses the Weapon Homing Device, and its homing function bring it back to her, then starting to sword-fight with King Shark, until she gets knocked back.

Miss Martian then comes in and starts to use the heat-vision enhancing glasses, to overheat an anchor that King Shark was about to throw at her, causing King Shark to burn his hands and have the anchor fall on his foot. Bumblebee then takes the reigns and uses her wrist blasters, with the help of team to stop King Shark. Katana finishes him off by slicing the rope attaching a cargo-box to a nearby crane, which lands directly on top of King Shark. Bumblebee completes the demonstration by zapping King Shark in the stomach as he's about to throw a crate onto her. Fox then congratulates Bumblebee for her smart tech technique and teamwork, awarding her an A. Frost then peaks out from behind a corner and complains.




  • This episode was listed as "Ultimate Accessory" on YouTube.
  • This episode was listed as the eighteenth webisode of season 2 on YouTube.