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#TheWarriorandtheJester[1] is the 17th episode of Season 2 of DC Super Hero Girls. This is the 69th episode overall.


At Sweet Justice, Diana, Kara and Jessica are eating their ice cream when Babs and Harleen excitedly arrive. Babs reveals that Harleen has given her a rare Batman memorabilia; The tip of his broken ear, which legend has it was cut off by The Joker during his battle with Batman and was bought by Harleen's connection.

Later that night at The Lair, Diana is sharpening her sword while angry at Harleen for ruining her ice cream from earlier that day. Just then, Jessica arrives and while almost trying to defend her, is shocked to learn that Diana has destroyed Babs' Batman ear (which she mistook for a whetstone since both look kind of the same). Diana attempts to tell Babs the truth, but Jessica (who was at first liked the idea) told her she can't as Babs loved the ear and upon realizing that if she knew the truth (and a song Babs was singing coincidentally at the time) she will lose her mentality, and Jessica tells Diana she needs to get a new one by tomorrow, which would involve her going to Gotham City to get the ear, which means that the only person who can help her is Harleen, to which Harleen replies that if she does it, Diana will owe her for it.

Upon arriving at Gotham City, Harleen takes Diana on a quick detour on their way to Sprang Station. The first stop is the Ace Chemical plant, where Joker fell in the vat that created him. Later they stopped at Crime Alley where Harleen told a sad story of two of Gotham's greatest figures, which is later revealed to be Harleen's Candy that she found and ate. Harleen then takes Diana to another Ace Chemical Plant, the one that made Mr. Freeze the person he is today. Annoyed, Diana tells Harleen to take her to Sprang Station for the hearing.

Upon arriving at Spang Station, Harleen reveals that the plan is to spray graffiti on a wall. Then as Batman arrives, Harleen's connection will cut the ear off for her. Diana refuses to do it and would rather tell Babs the truth about the ear. However Harleen starts implanting the graffiti and Diana tries to clean it up, only for Batman to arrive to see what Diana's doing. As Diana tries to explain what happened, Harley Quinn arrives (revealing to be Harleen's connection that she mentioned earlier) and tries to cut Batman's ears with a giant pair of scissors, only for Batman to stop her with a Batarang. As Diana tells Batman that she hoped that the day she met him wasn't in a situation like this, both she and Batman notice that Harley has escaped.

Arriving back at Sweet Justice, she sees Babs crying her eyes out as she is desperately asking people if they've seen Batman's Ear, all the while being so depressed that not even a Sundae that Barry offers her would make her feel better but she still eats it regardless. Jessica tells Diana that Babs knows about the ear's disappearance. Diana comes clean and tells Babs the truth, only for Harleen to arrive and tell Babs that she was the one who took the ear, but only because she got her something even better: a used-in-combat Batarang from Batman, which Babs gets super giddy about and she shows it to the other customers in the restaurant.

As Diana is thankful for Harleen's help saving Babs' feelings, she's also wondering how exactly Harleen managed to get a Batarang on such short notice. Hearing that the Batarang had Stucco on it, (which Harley said was on the wall from earlier) Diana realizes that Harleen Quinzel is Harley Quinn, and before she can reveal that, Harleen tells Diana not to tell anyone, especially Babs for the sake of her mentality.




  • The title of the episode is a reference to the Argentine-American film The Warrior and the Sorceress, directed by John C. Broderick and released in 1984.
  • A preview of this episode was released on the Cartoon Network Africa YouTube channel.[2] However, it was only available in African countries due to geographical reasons. It can still be viewed in other territories using VPN.
  • The Scarecrow makes a cameo as the passenger with the crows who gets on the bus.
  • This episode reveals that Harleen seems to have a crush on the Joker. Which is nothing new, since in most of the DC adaptations, Harley Quinn is usually or used to be the Joker's accomplice; even going so far as to fall madly in love with him.
  • The origin of Mr. Freeze is also revealed in this same episode, which in this case, Harleen mentions that it was also due to chemical waste in another Ace Chemical plant (just like the Joker). This contradicts the official origin of Mr. Freeze in the comics, since in them, Dr. Fries became Mr. Freeze due to a laboratory accident while he was trying to find a cure for his wife Nora.
  • As of this episode, Diana is now aware that Harleen Quinzel is actually Harley Quinn, but is forced into silence by Harley since she has promised her a favor. And also, because she knows that Babs would go insane if Diana told her.
  • When Harleen tells Diana about the origins of Crime Alley and how she dropped her candy on the ground, she was actually talking about Bruce's parents being murdered while he was a boy.
  • This is the fourth time the Super Hero Girls has met Batman.
    • Jessica and Karen met Bruce Wayne not knowing he is Batman in "Tween Titans."
    • Batgirl met Batman in "Am Batgirl."
    • Batgirl and Supergirl encountered him in "Worlds Finest."
    • Diana has encountered him in this episode.
  • Sprang Station is named after Dick Sprang, a comic book artist who worked on the Batman comics during the Golden Age of Comic Books.
  • Harleen says she dosen't know whether "Batman" is one word or two: the character was originally conceived by Bill Finger as "The Bat-Man", before being changed to simply "Batman".


  • In numerous scenes throughout the episode, Harleen's boots seems to switch colors.
    • When she was in Sweet Justice in the beginning of the episode, her boots were both blue rather than red and blue.
    • On the bus to Gotham with Diana, both of her boots has red soles rather than red and blue.
    • As Babs is excited that she got a new keepsake, her boots once again switched colors.


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