DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Gym. Supergirl is running towards the jumping experiment and doing tumbling practices and jumps in.

Wildcat: That was...uh... super, Supergirl!
Supergirl: Thanks Coach.
(Bumblebee shrinks and flies and grows back as she jumps in.)
Wildcat: Well that was beeutiful!
Bumblebee: A compliment for you? I must be dreaming. Uh! Nope, it's real.
Wonder Woman: You got this. Nothing but tense. (Wonder Woman flies and takes tumbling practices. She jumps in but Gorilla Grodd, Red Tornado and Amanda take 9.9 points as Wonder Woman being disappointed)
Wildcat: Shake it off. You'll get 'em next time (walks off)
Supergirl: Hey. Mistakes happen. I should know.
Wonder Woman: They don't happen to me.
Supergirl: I just see a mistake as a chance to learn something new. (flies off)
(Supergirl flies down as something throws Supergirl away.)
Bleez: (blows) Judges! What's your score on that!? (summons a fan over Gorilla Grodd, Red Tornado, and Amanda)
Gorilla Grodd: (points to Bleez) You are not welcome here!
Bleez: (Gorilla Grodd, Red Tornado, and Amanda are trapped by Bleez) I'd give it a minus 10!
Supergirl: (appears) Bleez. What's she doing here? This isn't a meatless Korugar academy.
Wonder Woman: Even if it was. Last time she got so angry with the judges scores, she got herself banned for life.
Bleez: You rotten the other perfect score!
Wildcat: You have to earn it!
Bleez: If I don't win, no one wins!
Bumblebee: With that attitude, I can see why you are banned.
Bleez: STOP BUGGING ME! (throws away Bumblebee)
Supergirl: Ever thought about anger management. (hits Bleez)
Bleez: (hits Supergirl) Those judges were wrong! I. Don't. Make. Mistakes!
(Wonder Woman is answering her right question about Supergirl.)
Supergirl: I just see a mistake as a chance to learn something new.
(Wonder Woman and Bleez fight. Bleez falls as Wonder Woman grabs her with the Lasso of Truth.)
Supergirl: All right! That's what I call a perfect 10!

Scene: Gym.

Wonder Woman: Why are you so angry about a score?
Bleez: I'm...not...mad at the judges. I'm mad at myself for making a mistake.
Supergirl: I just see a mistake as a chance to learn something new. You've gotta have a positive attitude. Don't sweat the small stuff.
Blezz: Ugh! Just take me to Belle Reve!
Bumblebee: Maybe a long and cheery pep talk for Supergirl's a bigger punishment.