Thunder, whose real name is Anissa Pierce, is the sister of Lightning and the daughter of Black Lightning. Along with Lightning, she first appeared as a background character in early webisodes, and starting with Seeing Red, she becomes a regular. She is voiced by Cree Summer.


Thunder is a young lady with dark skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair in a ponytail. She wears a black and yellow jumpsuit with a yellow lightning design pointing down the center of her torso, yellow sleeves, and black pants, as well as yellow boots.


  • Shockwave Stomp:
  • Energy Wave Emission:
  • Ergokinetic Combat:


Thunder appears talking to Arrowette by the fountain.[1][2]

She sits next to Lightning during the Intro to Super Suits final.[3]

Thunder argues with her sister; Lightning over a hairband, thanks to the effects of a red kryptomite.

Thunder and Lightning team up with Cyborg to defeat Giganta when she destroys the electricity in Metropolis. Later they let panicked people inside the Capes and Cowls Cafe and she helped her restore electricity to Metropolis.



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