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Time Waits for No Girl Transcript

This article is about the episode. For DC Super Hero Girls, see The Late Batsby.

Time Waits for No Girl is the second episode of DC Nation: Super Best Friends Forever.

Synopsis for "Time Waits For No Girl"[]

The others leave to battle Poison Ivy, and Batgirl hurries to catch up with them after being forced to wait for her father to fall asleep to sneak out.


Batgirl is annoyed when Wonder Girl and Supergirl, face the villain Poison Ivy without her. She has to wait for her father, Commissioner Jim Gordon, to fall asleep so she can sneak out of the house and join the fight.




  • This short would later be rebooted into the DC Super Hero Girls short "The Late Batsby."
  • This is the only short related to the Super Best Friends Forever series to originally be released theatrically.
  • Most of the music that can be heard in this short would later be used for MAD season 2, episode, 5 (31), Minute to Flynn It.