DC Super Hero Girls Wikia

Speaker Dialogue
[Barbara is in bed as her phone beeps.]
Barbara Please tell me something exciting is happening.
Wonder Girl Poison Ivy is causing mayhem downtown.
Barbara Yes! Give me 10 minutes. My dad doesn't know my secret identity and I can't sneak out until he's asleep!
Wonder Girl Then Supergirl and I must proceed without you.
Barbara N-N-N-N-N-N-No, I'll be there, I'll figure something out, I'll--- [call dismissed] Shoot!
[Commissioner Gordon appears. Barbara waits. Time's up. Batgirl goes to the road.]
Batgirl Darn it.
[Batgirl crashes and goes up. Batgirl jumps up and stops.]
Batgirl I'm screwing the curses! ... Crud!
[Batgirl falls down and goes back up.]
Batgirl Hi. Sorry! Excuse me.
[Batgirl goes heroine and lands in.]
Batgirl ... What'd I miss? Did I get here first? [gasps; or squeals]
[Poison Ivy appears. Supergirl and Wonder Girl appear.]
Batgirl What took you guys so long?
[Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Girl fight.]