#ToughCrowd is the forty-first short of DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts that was released online.


Zatanna struggles to hold her audience's attention as she puts on a magic show in the park.


Zee is making a grand announcement at her next paid gig in hopes of making the crowd excited, only to learn that her audience would rather play a portable video game. The first trick was the basic "pulling a rabbit out of her hat trick" but instead of one rabbit, it was a family of rabbits. Seeing that they would rather see the game than watch her, Zee decides to pull out all the stops and give them a taste of her magic.

In a short montage, Zee first does "The Levitating Woman" trick on herself, even using a hoop to show that she's really floating but it didn't work. Then, she tried the "Guess your Card" trick, but they still weren't looking. Next, she created balloon dogs that resembled DNA, and finally, she decides to saw herself in half but no matter what she does, the audience refuses to see her.

Angry that they still didn't pay attention to her, Zee decides to take drastic measures. Just then, Babs (who was revealed to be the leg part of the trick) sees Zee floating angrily as she plans to show the boys one final trick, but not before Babs attempts to get off the stage. Zee then transforms into her "Zatanna" form as she casts a spell that teleports her and the boys to the cosmos, only to see that they are still playing the game. Afterward, she teleports them back to reality and does the "pulling her thumb out" trick out of anger. However, this got the attention of the boys as they are amazed to see that trick. Zee continues to do it as she finally got their attention as they continue to be amazed.



  • This "Digital Exclusive" short was paired up with "Vanity Insanity" on its original release date.
  • A handheld gaming device that strongly resembles the Nintendo Switch makes several appearances throughout the short.
  • Towards the end of the short, one of the children makes a face similar to the one portrayed by a group of teenagers in the often-parodied MLG videos.
  • This is the second time Zee lost her temper in a magic show


  • It wasn't necessary for Zee to have Barbara to act as the leg part for the "sawing herself in half" trick since her magic is real.


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