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The transcript of the episode "Tough Crowd"

(episode begins)

Zatanna: Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a mind-bending journey! Into the mystical mind of the world famous, princess of prestidigitation, the one and only... Zee Zatara!

(Zee makes the fireworks appear and afterwards, she was interrupted by the game noise and look frustrated at the kids)

Kid #3: Whoa, nice combo strike!

Kid #2: Dude, you're totally next level.

Kid #1: If you think that's good, you should check out my stream.

Zatanna: Eh-hem, and now for my first trick, the curious cloning cottontails!

(Makes the trick and pulls out one rabbit and it waves, the kids makes no excitement. and Zee pulls out the rest of the rabbits)

Zatanna: TA-DAAAA!!!!

Kid #1: Check this out, I can totally get through this wormhole.

(Rabbits appear behind her and she groans, scene cuts to the "The Levitating Woman" trick)

Zatanna: TA-DAAAA!!!!

Kid #3: I can't believe you did that!

(Scene cuts to the "Guess your Card" trick)

Zatanna: is... This your card?

(the kids are still distracted by the game and Zee was really frustrated by it. Next scene to the balloon trick by making balloon dogs resembles DNA)

Zatanna: TA-DAAAA!!!!

(the air goes out within disappointment, next scene to the "saw in half" trick)

Zatanna: And now, I will saw myself... in half!

(she saws herself and goes apart)

Zatanna: TA-DAAAA!!!!

Kid #3: Your like, the best gamer I've ever seen.


(Her eyes glows as Babs peeks out of the box)

Batgirl: psst, um... Zee? Zee? Huh...

(She sees Zee levitating and angry)

Zatanna: You want to see magic, I'll show you REAL MAGIC!!!

Batgirl: Oh no, ugh, not this again. WOOOAAAHHH!

(Babs struggles to get off the stage because of the high heels she's wearing)

(Zee transform in her "Zatanna" form and starts perform the teleportation and by chanting)

Kid #2: Deep space hyper-drive, AWESOME!

(Zee and the kids teleport to the cosmos)

Zatanna: And how do you like THAT trick?

(the kids still plays the game and floats in the background)

Kid #3: Man, the graphics look so real.

Zatanna: OH COME ON!

(teleports back to stage and Zee is frustrated)

Zatanna: Ugh, wretched game, I should make their thumbs disappear...

(doing the thumb trick in anger, and making the kids surprised)

Kid #1: Eww, did you see that, how did you do that?!

Zatanna: What, this?


Kids: Whoa, WHOA, WHOA WH- WH- WHOA!!!

Kid #4: How?

Kid #3: WHOA, it's like magic and stuff!

Kid #2: This is like, totally unbelievable!

Kid #1: Best, birthday, EVER!!!

(Zee winks at the viewers and episode ends)