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This article is about Jack Nimball. For the character that appears in the TV series, see Toyman (Winslow Schott).

Jack Nimball (also known as Toyman) is a minor antagonist in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. His only appearance is in the video game Teen Power.


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Lena Luthor[]

Lena and he had plans to get rid of all the heroes and be able to turn HOB's Bay into a paradise for children and toys but it is shown that Toyman and Lena sometimes do not get along and are not according to the plan of another.

Super Hero Girls[]

The Super Hero Girls and Toyman hate each other because of what Toyman did together with Lena and because the Super Hero Girls defeated him.

Super Villain Girls[]

The Super Villain Girls and Toyman share the role of villain in the game but only that the super villain girls allied with the super hero girls almost the entire game to defeat toyman. From the Super Villain Girls Poison Ivy and Star Sapphire hate Toyman more than the rest of the team Poison Ivy shows to have very large amounts of hatred towards Toyman for harming nature and Star Sapphire shows to have a lot of hatred towards him for ruining her dates with Hal Jordan.


Toyman is almost the same as Lena, he fights a lot with Lena, he hates heroes and especially Super Hero Girls, and Super Villain Girls for defeating him and sending him to prison.


  • Engineering: Toyman designed and built many robots with a destructive design in order to destroy HOB's Bay.
  • Robotics: Toyman built many robots together with Leena to destroy and cause chaos in metropolis and be able to destroy HOB's Bay and turn it into a paradise of toys and children.


Robots: Toyman built a small army of big robots to try to destroy the Super Hero Girls and the Super Villain Girls.

Toys: Toyman built many toys to be able to attack HOB's Bay and metropolis but they were defeated and destroyed by the Super Hero Girls and the Super Villain Girls.


Unlike many Toyman appearances, this version is a child like in Justice League action, but wears a jester hat.

Appearances Throughout the Franchise[]

Video Games[]


  • In the DC Comics, Jack Nimball was the second person took take the mantle of Toyman after the first one retired.


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