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Season 1[]

Welcome to Super Hero High[]

[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Super Hero High School. Amanda walks up the steps of Super Hero High.

Amanda: Greetings, Hola, Bonjour, and for out Tameranean friends: (clicking noises) This is Super Hero High. (Bumblebee, Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire fly over a statue. Poison Ivy opens the front doors with vines.) With Super Hero High's advanced training curriculum, dedication to the arts and rigorous academic program, (Miss Martian gasps at her A+ and disappears) students master their super powers, (Cheetah outruns The Flash), brain power, (Frost appears with an ice atomic model) and willpower, (Hawkgirl catches a ball) to become the super heroes of tomorrow. (Graduate students are shown next to Superman statue) So if you want to supercharge your education, (Hal and Star Sapphire are seen powering their rings up) make super friends, (A group of students are seen laughing) or make a super difference, (Bumblebee saves a construction worker) then we welcome you to Super Hero High. Super Hero High: empowering tomorrow's superheroes today!


All About Super Hero High[]


Crazy Quiltin'[]

[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Dressing class.

Crazy Quilt: A super-suit must exhibit creativity, craftsmanship, and... (chuckles) practicality. Your first suit is due at the end of the semester.

Scene: Wonder Woman's room. Wonder Woman marks the end of the semester on her calendar.

Wonder Woman: Ohh...
Harley Quinn: Why so frowny, Wondy? We all gotta make a suit when we get here! It's tradition!
Wonder Woman: Designing costumes is just not my thing.
Harley Quinn: Wait a minute, there's something you ain't good at?! Ha! (Wonder Woman glares at her)  Anyway, I gotta brainstormy for ya! Why make a new one when you already got a snazzy super-suit?!
Wonder Woman: Harley, I can't wear that! I need something that shows the new Super Hero High me!
(Harley addresses Bumblebee and Katana, who are seated on couches in the common area.)
Harley Quinn: Okay, you guys, be nice! She is terrible at this. Oh, hi, Wondy!
Wonder Woman: (emerges from behind a changing screen wearing a bright pink, blue, and yellow outfit) Modern? (Harley Quinn gives a thumbs-up. Wonder Woman next appears in a wrestling-like uniform with her red, blue, yellow, and white colors) Strong? (Harley covers her face as Katana and Bumblebee grimace. Wonder Woman kicks down the mirror, now wearing basically her previous suit but with her hair in an 80s beehive style) Courageous?
Harley Quinn: Ohh... let's help her!
Bumblebee: Do-over!
Katana: Girl, we got this!
Bumblebee: I'll get the thread!
Katana: I got the shears!
Harley: I call snap duty!
(Wonder Woman smiles as they approach her.)


Power Outage[]

Fall Into Super Hero High[]

Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy[]

Designing Disaster[]

[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Super Hero High School in Wonder Woman's room. Katana, Bumblebee and Harley Quinn look at Wonder Woman.

Katana: Sweet threads!
Harley Quinn: Ooh! You're new super-suit is smashing!
Bumblebee: You. Look. Good.
Wonder Woman: Good is, well, good. But Crazy Quilt grades on creativity, craftsmanship, and practicality, so...
Bumblebee: Save The Day alarm!
(Katana, Bumblebee and Harley Quinn are followed by Wonder Woman. Cheetah arrives but Wonder Woman's cape snags on a locker, causing her to catapult backwards. She leaps back up, but her tiara goes over her eyes, causing her to lose focus and crash through the front doors and tumble down the front steps. She then gets up and runs across the lawn before jumping into flight, but her high heels catch on the grass lawn and accidentally pulls up a clump of grass and dirt. Upon realizing this, she falls back to the ground from the weight and tumbles. Amanda appears.)
Amanda: Luckily, this was just a drill. (Wonder Woman is sad)

Scene: Inside Wonder Woman's room. Wonder Woman throws away the suit. She then looks at her two silver armbands.

Wonder Woman: Time for me to be me.