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Trigon is a villain in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is the evil demon ruler of the Underworld and the father of Raven.


Trigon is a evil demon ruler of the Underworld. Unlike his teenage daughter, Raven, he has red skin, long white hair that is tied up into a ponytail and has two thick strands of extra hair flowing freely aside both sides of his face. He also has two fangs that point up from both sides of his mouth, has three sets of yellow eyes, and has two horns on both sides of his head. He wears a light gray muscle shirt with a darker sleeveless gray leather jacket and wears light gray pants. He also wears black boots and has thick silver bracelets on both of his arms.


He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in the English version of the cartoon.

Season two[]

In Hero of the Month: Cyborg and Starfire, Trigon appears in Cyborg and Starfire's Hero of the Month VT, emerging out of the ground and attack a park in Metropolis but is stopped by Cyborg and Starfire, who work together to save the citizens and battle him. After getting hit by Cyborg's sonic cannon, he pulls out a tree and throws it at him, only for Cyborg to send it to Starfire, who uses it to hammer him into the ground, where they both respectively attack him. He eventually frees from the ground and is hit by more of their attacks and eventually retreats, irritated by their "insufferable teamwork". Cyborg and Starfire's teamwork to defeat him make them win the first double Hero of the Month award in Super Hero High School history. [1]

Season three[]

In Stealth 101 Part 1, Trigon makes a cameo appearance blasting eye lasers at Batgirl and Poison Ivy at Centennial Park in Metropolis as they test out stealth gear, presumably detecting them due to Ivy's poor design of a beekeeper disguise.

Season four[]

In Nevermore Part 1, Trigon attempts to teach his daughter Raven magic in the Underworld, creating volcanic craters in Metropolis. He refuses to teach her anything else, as magic is what Underworldians such as themselves use, despite Raven's dislike of magic. Wanting her to follow in his footsteps, he creates a portal to Metropolis, telling her to create her own, before leaving to rule the Underworld. In Nevermore Part 2, he finds Raven's note saying that she went to the surface world, angering him. Meanwhile, Raven encounters Principal Waller at Super Hero High School, believing that she Trigon finally allowed her to attend the school. Raven denies this and tells her that she created the craters as she and her magic powers are just like her evil father. Principal Waller tells her that she seems "like a good kid" although her father is a "piece of work", as Trigon himself emerges in front of the school. In Nevermore Part 3, he grounds Raven for an eternity, extending it to two eternities when Supergirl tries to defend her for "being a hero". Though he wants her to return to the Underworld, Raven tells him that he wants to attend Super Hero High. Outraged, he attacks the school, blasting it with fire, and battles the students, before eventually being tripped and brought down by Batgirl and Supergirl. He gets up and catches them in his hands, accusing them of interfering with his family. Though Raven offers to go back to the Underworld if he leaves them alone, he declares that the school and the heroes must pay for the insult. In Nevermore Part 4, he accuses Batgirl and Supergirl of being a bad influence on his daughter, before Supergirl manages to free them both. As he continues his attack on the school, Batgirl uses a hologram of Raven on her batcycle to lure him to a portal back to the Underworld created by Raven. As he falls in, he allows Raven to attend Super Hero High, seeing as her magic has improved more there than after several years of homeschool, telling her to learn all she can so they can destroy the world together when she is old enough. Later, he appears at a meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association in the school, as Commissioner Gordon announces that he will be heading the PTA wrapping paper fundraiser. When Bumblebee's mother asks if they had to let him join the PTA, Commissioner Gordon replies "he wouldn't take no for an answer". After the wrapping paper burns in his hand, he expresses his hatred for fundraisers.

Season five[]

In the first part of Fortress of Solidarity, Trigon emerges inside the school foyer from a pool of lava, partially melting the skating rink around the tree during the SHHS winter holiday tree ceremony. Raven tells the other students that he is here for the ceremony and tells him that he should start using the front door. To apologize, he lights the tree by blasting it with fire, causing it to burn before the fire is put out by Mera and the tree is restored by Poison Ivy. He later stands with Raven as other students spend time at the ceremony with their families.

Graphic Novels[]

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, Trigon appears on his throne in the Underworld being informed by his demon servants that a traitor has been imprisoned and being served a goat leg. After deducing that "the traitor" is their missing their missing teacher Professor Etrigan, Wonder Woman, Beast Boy, Harley Quinn, Katana, Miss Martian and Bumblebee encounter Trigon's daughter Raven, who tells them that they do not see eye-to-eye and that he homeschools her so that she follows in his evil footsteps. After Raven leads them to where Professor Etrigan is being held prisoner in a cage of flames and leaves them, Trigon suddenly appears and battles the heroes, imprisoning them in cages of fire as well before leaving to attend a feast. Professor Etrigan tells Wonder Woman that he used to work for Trigon for centuries committing crimes in ancient Greece before leaving him after discovering the meaning of life from a poem. Knowing that Trigon will never forgive him for betraying him, he went into hiding, but was eventually caught by his minions who have been searching for him ever since when Miss Moone sent invitations to his "friends" for a surprise birthday party. After the heroes escape the Underworld and rescue Professor Etrigan, Principal Waller sends him through a boom tube to somewhere safe while she works on a peace treaty with Trigon.[2]

Out of the Bottle[]

In Out of the Bottle, Trigon appears as one of the many villains wreaking havoc in Metropolis in Wonder Woman's comic project for art class, "Wonder Woman's Big Day". In the comic, Wonder Woman defeats him and sends him back to the Underworld, and defeats the other villains as well.



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