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Scene: Super Hero High School at night.

(Cheetah walks around. The lasso attacks Cheetah.)
Cheetah: Hey!
Wonder Woman: Cheetah?
Bumblebee: Yeah, honey! We're gonna get an A on her stakeout project!
(Lucius turns on the light.)
Lucius: What's going on here?
Cheetah: I was stealing the answers for the midterm! OH— Just like I did before every test!
Lucius: The nerve. Cheetah, you are getting one month of—
Cheetah: (grunts) I also think your sweater vest is nerdy! (gasps)
Lucius: (gasps) TWO months of detention! (writing a note for Cheetah) Thank you for your assistance, Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman: (the lasso spins around Cheetah) Sorry, Cheetah, but the Lasso of Truth never lies. (Cheetah walks away)
Cheetah: And I would've gotten away with it too. If it weren't for that meddling lasso!

Scene: Super Hero High School.

(Cheetah disappears, that Batgirl, Bumblebee and Wonder Woman walk to their room.)
Batgirl: Pow! Study date on!
(The door squished Cheetah's fingers. Cheetah walks away.)

Scene: Outside Super Hero High School.

Wonder Woman: Round one starts now! Everybody ready? (Starfire, Cyborg, Frost and Bumblebee are ready. Cheetah looks at Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth) Targets up! (The statues of Mad Harriet, Solomon Grundy and Killer Croc appear) Three! Two! One! FIRE!
(Cheetah looks at Starfire, Cyborg, Frost and Bumblebee, using bolts at them and fighting the statues. Cheetah chases away and looks at Granny Goodness and Stompa, then they used bolts at the statues. Cheetah's messed up.)

Scene: Outside Super Hero High School.

(Wonder Woman jumps down. Cheetah sneaks in and walks. Wonder Woman flies off, and Cheetah jumps into the rails and falls down to the bushes. Cheetah looks at Wonder Woman and being angry.)

Scene: City.

Giganta: You stole my earrings!
Barbi Minerva: Stay back! Or I'll call my lawyer.
Wonder Woman: Calm down, Giganta! She didn't take your earrings. We'll help you find them!
Giganta: No! She stole them! (points accusingly at Barbi)
Barbi: (gets grabbed by Giganta; as she calls for help)
Bumblebee: Put her down!
Giganta: OW! My fingers!
(Wonder Woman catches Barbi)
Barbi: Thanks.
Wonder Woman: You look familiar. Do I know you?
Barbi: Nope. I'm new in town.
Giganta: I DON'T LIKE YOU! Ow...
Wonder Woman: But I'm not so fond of you right now, either!
Bumblebee: Come on, Giganta! Game's over.
Giganta: I like this game! (stomps everything)
Frost: You need to cool your hothead. (freezes the ground as Giganta slips down)
Giganta: HEY!
Wonder Woman: Nice going, girl-- (gasp) My Lasso. I lost it!
(Cheetah puts Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth in her closet and takes off her glasses.)