#TweenTitans is the thirty-ninth episode of season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


While Babs watches the TV show "Make it Wayne" with her hatred on Bruce Wayne, Jessica and Karen went to Wayne Manor where they will throw a birthday party to Dick Grayson. After a warning from Bruce's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, Jessica and Karen soon discover that Dick and his friends reveal themselves as the "Tween Titans": Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven. And to make things worse, the Tween Titans are a bunch of troublemakers.

Jessica informs Karen that they should settle this situation as adults. They start with breaking the piñata, but it didn't go as planned when Robin tried to hit the girls and Starfire tried to eat the candy, which Karen stopped her when Alfred told them not to feed her with sweets. Then, they played pin the tail on the donkey, but the Titans caused more disaster. Followed by Cyborg jumping into the pool and splashes all of the water at the back, leaving nothing left at the pool.

Finally, when Jessica and Karen are about to sing the happy birthday song to Robin, Starfire ate the cake, causing her to get sugar rush. However, after Beast Boy steals the power ring and the bee necklace, Karen gets angry at their troublemaking and tries to put them all on a time out, but it fails as Jessica and Karen get captured in the library, and below them is a portal to the giant octopus demon caused by Raven's magic. Fortunately, Karen tricked Cyborg into activating her bee necklace to transform into Bumblebee and gives the power ring to Jessica, transforming her into Green Lantern.

The battle between the girls and the Titans rages on, but in the end, they defeated the Titans and put them all to sleep. Unfortunately, Jessica and Karen are unable to clean up the mess caused by the Titans, although Raven, while sleepwalking, used her magic to clean up the mess and turned everything back to normal. After Bruce payed the girls his money for a job well done, Alfred asks them if they can come back for next Saturday, but they refused and drives away from Wayne Manor.



  • Lauren Faust confirmed this episode in a tweet[2] on March 7, 2020.
  • This title of this episode is a reference to Teen Titans.
  • The graphic novel Powerless featured the Titans (with Beast Boy as a bug),[3] revealing their designs for the series.
  • According to Faust, Vicki Vale and Harvey Dent made cameos in this episode.
    • Harvey's design is a reference to Billy Dee Williams, who played this role in the 1989 Batman movie.
  • Tara Strong reprises her role as Raven from the 2003 Teen Titans series, Teen Titans Go!, and webseries 2015-2018.
  • This episode shows that Batgirl doesn't like Bruce Wayne, but likes Batman.
    • Also, she likes Dick Grayson but hates Robin.
  • Beast Boy turns into a frog, a fish, a monkey, a dog, a tiger, a donkey (with no tail) and a rhinoceros in this episode.
    • Also, his donkey form without a tail is reference to Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh.
  • This episode premiered on Easter Sunday.
  • Rachel's outfit strikingly resembles Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family franchise.
  • This is the sixth time one or more of the main characters do not transform into heroes.
    • This is due to Barbara not wanting to go to Bruce Wayne's manor.


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