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Up Past 8 is a boyband that were introduced in DC Superhero Girls, who made their debut in the episode "League Of Shadows."

Description in the series[]

They were first mention in "League Of Shadows when Karen was listening to them on her phone, where Hal tried to make a joke that only 14-year-olds listen to them, despite Karen being 14. After Karen descripted their traits and revealed she has tickets to their concert, Kara decide to help Karen by taking her to the Lazarus Pit to listen to her favorite band. The band later appeared on a t-shirt when Kara took Karen shopping for rocker clothes.

Karen then started listening to their songs again after the League Of Shadows concert, Where Kara was under the control of Ra's Al Ghul, where Kara took the tickets and headed to the concert for the plan to end Up Past 8. However, when it was discovered that the real band were tied up by both the Superhero Girls and the The Invinci-Bros, where Hal, Barry and Garth took over their spot while the girls face against Supergirl. They did make a cameo appearance where Bumblebee apologize for what they did and got a selfie with them.

They later appeared in the end of Double Danvers where Kara promised Bizarrogirl to go with her to the concert when she needed a body double to take her place for Jeremiah's presentation for Ted Kord

Episode Appearances[]


  • The boy's outfits being white is a reference to the 90's boyband, Backstreet bodys,