Hello to everybody. It's SuperTapperPlus, and I edit on this Wiki, along with other ones, but this is my home Wiki.

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How I joined this Wiki?

Hello whoever you are, I am an admin of the DC Super Hero Girls Wikia. Back on July 23, 2020, I made my first edit, although it was just a comment on the League of Shadows page. Back then, I didn't know how to make so many edits that would really contribute and change this Wiki, since I'm basically new.

Ever since then, I've been helping out with this Wiki to update (or spoil) others about the show, or anything related to it. Then there was a time when someone made a fake episode, and I tried countering those edits, but this annoying user keeps reversing mine and others, leading to edit wars, which goes on everyone's nerves. All I'm saying here is that, I take vandalism very seriously on this Wiki, because the point of a Wiki is to provide others certain information that no one else knows about. But it isn't also a way to add fake news in it, cause that would be bad.

Usually, I make at least 7 to 10 edits per day, and it's on a laggy computer (but not the one that I'm currently using right now). What's kinda weird from that period to October 2020 is that the admins are so inactive. So I try my best to contribute to it to make it grow rather than to hurt it. A user is responsible for the surroundings of their Wiki, and I've always kept that in mind. Lucky for us, Napalm Reign signed up for adoption and adopted our Wiki. I volunteered to be an admin, which I was able to achieve. Honestly, I don't think I deserve this role, but I use my powers just to manage any annoying users, move pages, and that's it. Hopefully, you will be able to help us in making this Wiki grow, cause our community is a bit small, but one day, there will be a lot of people who will join us, and you will be a big help for it.

Other things

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