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Vandal Savage is a villain in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is an immortal caveman who is the main antagonist in the graphic novel Past Times at Super Hero High where he is the Principal of Savage High School, an alternate-timeline version of Super Hero High School, destined to conquer the galaxy as a tyrant.

Graphic Novels[]

Past Times at Super Hero High[]

In Past Times at Super Hero High, when Liberty Belle's History class returns to Super Hero High School in the present after their field trip in time to the time of the dinosaurs, they find that the school is now named Savage High School, that Vandal Savage is the Principal of the school instead of Amanda Waller with propaganda posters of him all over the school and that the past has been altered. Under Savage's leadership, the school is much more strict, and alarms go off to mobilize the students and detain "Anti-Savage insurgents" when they are spotted on the premises.

After Poison Ivy, Beast Boy, Katana and Supergirl are captured and put in detention by Savage High students for trying to free Miss Belle after she is detained for being an "Anti-Savage insurgent", Principal Savage appears in person and interrogates them to know the location of "The Two". When they deny knowing about "The Two", he has his "finest interrogator", Etrigan who has worked for him for centuries interrogate them. Meanwhile, Batgirl and Harley Quinn fix the time machine and travel through time to escape Doc Magnus, they arrive in the a dystopian future in the year 2150, where they are captured by the Atomic Knights, who suspect them of being spies for Vandal Savage.

After they convince them that they are not, they are shown "The Grand Story of Vandal Savage" a widely broadcast propaganda "holo-story" detailing his backstory. In it, he is presented as the "greatest caveman who ever lived" and was bestowed superpowers and immortality by the heavens by being destined as "the only human worthy of ruling the galaxy", although anti-savage insurgents claim that he gained them 50,000 years ago by being exposed to the radiation of a meteorite that he tracked down, while other cavemen were not as brave to approach it. Many millennia later, Vandal Savage founded Savage High School to gather his army to help him conquer the world and crush insurgents who opposed him. Now, Vandal Savage has almost conquered the entire galaxy, ruling as a tyrant, with anti-Savage insurgents like the Atomic Knights dwindling. Harley reveals that she took a pterodactyl egg during their field trip which was millions of years before the time of Vandal Savage, which caused this alternate timeline and gets into an argument with Batgirl. Batgirl and Harley attempt to return to Savage High in the present to recover the egg and restore the present, but instead arrive in several different points of the same altered timeline, while Vandal Savage arrives just after they leave each timeline trying to pursue them. He deduces that they are "The Two" and that they must also be immortal and plans to take the source of their powers for himself.

When Batgirl and Harley finally arrive in front of Savage High, they are confronted with Principal Savage and several evil teachers who he orders to attack them. In the brawl that ensues, Batgirl and Harley's other classmates join the battle, having escaped detention and rescued Miss Belle, and help them battle the evil teachers. Savage battles Batgirl and gains the upper hand, holding her over a balcony by the leg and refusing to let her alter the past so she can prevent him from conquering the galaxy in the future. Harley then arrives with the now-hatched baby pterodactyl, who distracts Vandal Savage, allowing Harley to rescue Batgirl as she falls off the balcony. The baby pterodactyl pushes Savage off the balcony, and he falls into a tree. As the students escape in the time machine, Savage and the teachers attempt to stop them, while the alternate-universe Bumblebee holds them off. After bringing the baby pterodactyl back to its nest, Harley deduces that the baby pterodactyl will one day encounter a critter and decide not to eat it, allowing it to evolve over millions of years into another critter that will distract Vandal Savage as he tries to hunt it so that he will not notice the meteor and become immortal. Batgirl agrees that her theory sounds plausible. After returning to the present again, Batgirl asks her father about the name Vandal Savage, but he expresses ignorance of it. Batgirl and Harley later return to the past once again when they realize that Mr. Fox is now Principal of the school in this timeline. After altering the past again, Principal Waller once again becomes Principal of Super Hero High School as the present timeline is finally restored.[1]


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