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Mari McCabe is a minor character in the DC Super Hero Girls web series. She is a volunteer at the Metropolis Zoo who appears in the season three episode Wild Side Part 2.


Mari has dark skin and brown eyes and she has short black hair. She wears an orange romper with a orange and black zebra-stripped collar and wears a golden choker with a cat-like shaped charm attached to it.


She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks in the English version of the cartoon.

Season three

In Wild Side Part 2, Mari McCabe first appears bringing an escaped elephant back to its zoo cage after Lion-Mane frees the zoo animals to use as his personal army with mind control. She then introduces herself as a zoo volunteer to Starfire, Beast Boy, and Batgirl and helps them return the other escaped zoo animals. She helps lure a tiger into its cage after seemingly convincing Beast Boy to transform into a pig for the tiger to chase and later returns a python to its habitat. When Lion-Mane returns to the zoo and attacks Batgirl, Mari saves her by attacking him with a whip until he steps back into a zoo cage and gets locked inside. After the animals are returned, Mari locks up the zoo gates and receives thanks from the Supers for her help. She responds by saying, "I'm just good with animals".


  • Kimberly Brooks reprised her role from the Vixen animated web series.
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