DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Speaker Dialogue
Zatanna This is the best sushi restaurant in Metropolis
Kara Danvers [snare drum] Uh, What now?
Zatanna Kara! It took me months to get this reservation! Do NOT embarrass me!
Kara Danvers Dragon! [sniff] How am I supposed to eat this stuff?? Got any ketchup back there?
Zatanna I cannot believe you, Kara Danvers! I bring you to one of the most exclusive restaurants in town and you asked for KETCHUP?! Eat it.
Kara Danvers Mm-mm.
Zatanna Eat it.
Kara Danvers Mm-mm!
Zatanna EAT IT!
Zatanna """(Sigh) Grilled Fish."""
Kara Danvers Nope! I'm leaving! I'm leaving! I'm grabbin' a burger!
Zatanna Oh fine!! Use your hamburger, you peasant!