"Weaponomics" is the ninth webisode in the first season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, and ninth webisode overall. It was released December 22, 2015.


Each student show off their weapons in front of Mr. Lucius Fox during weaponomics class. Catwoman shows off her Cat o' Nine Tails, which she uses to grip onto a support beam and swing across the room. Hawkgirl shows off her Mace of Justice by swinging it around, causing it to spark red. Wonder Woman then goes up with her Lasso of Truth and an apple. She explains that anyone caught in her lasso would be forced to tell the truth, and it's also accurate. She asks Lucius Fox to hold the apple, and she begins to swing her lasso. However, Cheetah uses Catwoman's Cat o' Nine Tails to snag the lasso, causing it to wrap around Lucius Fox. This causes him to reveal a plethora of embarrassing facts before Wonder Woman frees him. He then scolds her for her lack of control and gives her detention.



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