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This article is about Wee, one of the clones. For the original character, see Zatanna (G2).

Wee is the clone of Zee Zatara in the episode, "MultipliciZee."

Depiction in the series

Wee was created by one of Zee's clones when she was asked one of them to bring a tissue as Zee was crying from watching Make It Wayne but since one of the clones cried as well, she created Wee to do it. However unlike the others, Wee has a bit of a deformity; instead of having a normal face, her face is smaller, and she speaks like as if she was a baby.

Later when Zee explains to the Girls what happened, Wee appeared and revealed about Bee's plan of creating a spell that would make all the clones permanent. It is assumed that after Zee reversed the spell, Wee disappeared back into Zee.