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Scene: Super Hero High School. Principal Waller walks up the steps of Super Hero High.

Principal Waller: Greetings, Hola, Bonjour, and for out Tameranean friends: (clicking noises) This is Super Hero High. (Bumblebee, Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire fly over a statue. Poison Ivy opens the front doors with vines.) With Super Hero High's advanced training curriculum, dedication to the arts and rigorous academic program, (Miss Martian gasps at her A+ and disappears) students master their super powers, (Cheetah outruns The Flash), brain power, (Frost appears with an ice atomic model) and willpower, (Hawkgirl catches a ball) to become the super heroes of tomorrow. (Graduate students are shown next to Superman statue) So if you want to supercharge your education, (Hal and Star Sapphire are seen powering their rings up) make super friends, (A group of students are seen laughing) or make a super difference, (Bumblebee saves a construction worker) then we welcome you to Super Hero High. Super Hero High: empowering tomorrow's superheroes today!


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