Dr. William Maxwell "Will" Magnus is a recurring character in the DC SUper Hero girls web series. He is the Robotics and Technology teacher at Super Hero High School


Dr. Magnus is a young man with green eyes, pale skin dark brown hair slicked back. He wears a dark green blazer, with a magenta jumper and black and white tie and shirt underneath.


Dr. Magnus is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Season three

In Batnapped, Doc Magnus oversees as Wonder Woman and Supergirl work on their shop projects by modifying their jets. He tells them to call it a night soon and that their projects can wait until tomorrow morning. Wonder Woman asks for a few more minutes, while the school's new I.T girl Lena Luthor enters the room to give him copper wiring.[1]

In Intergalactic Games, he attempts to defend his new experimental robots, Lead, Platinum and Iron after they malfunction and go on a rampage. He claims to have made significant progress with them, and his new responsometer technology allows them to become more human, giving them free will and potentially allowing them to become superheroes. Principal Waller declares that she cannot have teachers building evil robots, especially with the added scrutiny around the school because of the Intergalactic Games, and decides to let the student tech committee decide what to do with them. After an analysis, the committee decides to destroy them. He later attends the opening ceremony of the Games and is instructed to increase security by Principal Waller when the Female Furies are allowed to participate. He installs fingerprint monitors on every door so that the school is only accessible to SHHS students. After the Furies are arrested for trying to steal his responsometer, he decides to have it destroyed so it would not fall into the wrong hands. After Platinum, who was spared by destruction by Lena Luthor and was fitted with the responsometer which was also spared from destruction appears at the Games ending ceremony after helping defeat Lena and later Brainiac, he tells her that she is not finished yet. She replies that she is nor the kind of girl to miss a celebration like the one the students are having. He replies that she has never been any kind of girl before, to which she responds that there is a first time for everything.

Season four

In Drive Me Crazy, Doc Magnus reviews his students' vehicle assignments and praises Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Batgirl's vehicles. When he gets to Big Barda, he reminds her that the assignment was to build a vehicle with a motor when her vehicle is revealed to be a common tricycle. Barda then admits that she never learned to drive.


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