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Scene: Capes & Cowls Cafe. Gladys walks over to everyone.

Harley Quinn: Ha! Oh, Beast Boy, if I told you what I said to Principal Waller, you'd laugh so hard smoothie would come outta your nose!
Beast Boy: Ha! Harley, I've never laughed that hard!
Harley Quinn: I can fix that! (she attempts to make her face into an "apple and banana" face; Beast Boy spits at Gladys)
Gladys: (shrieks) Nose snark all- all over me! Auugh! That's it! I'm done! I quit!
Steve: (stammering) But, Gladys, it's the lunch rush. I need you! (looks mad at Beast Boy and Harley Quinn; they laugh nervously)
Gorilla Grodd: (appears) I need 87 banana cream pies! Stat! It's an emergency!
Wonder Woman: Steve, my friend's ill-timed nose-blast is responsible for your waitress quitting! Let me help out.
Steve: Are you sure? Waitressing is a tough job.
Wonder Woman: (chuckles) I do save the world from complete annihilation a couple of times a week. I think I can handle a few finicky customers!
Capes & Cowls Civilian #1: Hey, can I get a to-go box?!
Capes & Cowls Civilian #2: Um... Is this turkey humanely-raised?
Gorilla Grodd: (yelling) When can I get my pies?!
(Outside, Krypto stands here alone sniffing by its track of it to see what a Blue Confusion Kryptomite suddenly appear hiding in the trash-can.)
Steve: (spoken faster) Adam and Eve on a wrap for the booth, deuce at table 10 needs salads on a rail, and there's a burrito dying on the pass.
Gorilla Grodd: And the gorilla's still waiting on those pies!
Wonder Woman: (runs off to check) Oh, yeah, I got it! I-I got it! (then stops fiercely and sighs) I don't got it.
Gorilla Grodd: Pies!
Harley Quinn: I thought you were gonna hook us up with free food!
Beast Boy: Don't look now! But I think Cheetah's going to dine and dash!
Wonder Woman: What does "dine and dash" even mean? (looks at Cheetah runs too faster as she spins her way too much faster)
Supergirl: There! Caught it all! Ooh... Most of it. You okay?
Wonder Woman: Not really. I've never been terrible at anything!
Gorilla Grodd: Kinda terrible at rushing a guy's pie order!
Supergirl: Look. You can't be the best at everything. (walks off) Krypto! Drop that before you get confused! (Krypto drops a Blue Kryptomite out of Krypto's mouth)
Wonder Woman: So, Steve! (chuckles awkwardly) Can I help out tomorrow, too?
(Steve looks at a mess and rush of everything around Capes & Cowls Cafe but messy. Gorilla Grodd stands here waiting any longer.)
Gorilla Grodd: (shouting) Are those pies coming?!
Steve: Uh, nah, I'm good. (walks away)
(Wonder Woman groans miserably and gets out of the cafe and walks away. Mad Harriet appears.)
Mad Harriet: Time to get some green stuff to go! And I ain't talking about salad! (A Blue Kryptomite appears again to confuse her as Mad Harriet gets dizzy) What the... (bellows angrily and gets to the cafe) Gimme all your- (looks at Gorrila Grodd eats all of those pies) ...pies!
Gorilla Grodd: You've gotta be kidding me.
Wonder Woman: (suddenly appears) No way, Mad Harriet! You're not getting your pointy hands on- (enunciating) Did you say "pies"?
Mad Harriet: I'm saying "good-pie" to you!
(She throws the forks at Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman manages to slam the table but the apples and bananas get hit by Mad Harriet.)
Steve: Uh, thanks for making my fruit salad!
(Wonder Woman and Mad Harriet began to fight each other but she kicks her as she throws away Wonder Woman. They continue fighting again but Wonder Woman acrobats out of her sight and slams the tray at Mad Harriet as she falls down, faints and sleeps.)
Steve: You might not be the best waitress... actually, you stink. But, you're an amazing superhero.
Wonder Woman: Oh, this? Oh, it's nothing at all! Like you say, here in America. Piece of pie!
Steve: Uh... That's "cake".
Gorilla Grodd: Is there more pie? (he does a massive burp)