Wonder Woman, real name Diana Prince is a main character in the DC Super Hero Girls (TV series) television series.

Depiction in the series

Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess from the island of Themyscira and the daughter of Queen Hippolyta.

She is the teams leader. As a hero she is Wonder Woman, As student, She is Diana Prince.

Depiction in Super Shorts

Depiction in comics


When ever she is around Steve, she is so cute, adorable, shy and clumsy. Besides that she is heroic, caring for her friends, but she has a temper when she met Harleen. She has leadership skills.




  • Her superhero outfit is the same as Gal Gadot's portrayal in the series.
  • In Power Surge, She wear Glasses.
  • Grey DeLisle voiced her, But Diffrent, Unlike Wow Wow Wubbzy, Daphine Blake, Black Canary, and Dorothy
  • She is in love with Steve Trevor


  • Diana wears a red shirt with shorts sleeves goes on her elbows, blue skirt to her knees, white long socks and shoes.
    • The doll version of herself also have glasses with blue frames.



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