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Season 1[]

Sweet Justice[]

I am no girl. I am Diana, Princess of the Amazons. I alone survived the 21 tests of the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite. By right, I am not a girl, but a woman.
Is this a challenge?
Very well. I shall allow you first strike.
NO!, It was I Mother, i who survive the 21 test of the tourament of Athena and Arphtodite. I may be young i have proven to be my own woman and i decide what i want to be!
Meet, my mother
By the white beard of Zeus, what is this place?
And these garments give me the appearance of a typical mortal female adolescent?
Good. Then it is my turn. If we are to be a team, then I must know your skills and abilities. You! Name, rank, skills.
With this ring of the gods, you may produce any weapon imaginable to beat your enemies into submission?
Admirable. So how shall you be known?
Good. And you, Batgirl?
You lack focus.
Impressive. Have you other skills?
What sorcery is this? I have seen enough. Though you possess great quantities of style, you must learn to channel your magic into a cause. Our cause. And I am afraid this uniform will not suffice. Think of another.
What can you do?
You possess far more strength than you know. You simply lack confidence, little Bumblebee.
And you, we've seen your incredible strength. Is there anything more you have to offer?
You could be the greatest hero the world of Man has ever known. You simply lack proper motivation!
Soldiers! Our mission is to save the world of Man.
In order to do this...
...we must learn to save...
...man himself.
Huzzah! Let us earn more chocolate!
And now, it is your turn.