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Super Hero Girls

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Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Kara Danvers/Supergirl

Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern

Karen Beecher/Bumblebee

Zee Zatara/Zatanna

Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana

Diana and Tatsu started out as good friends in the episode Soul Sisters where Diana was impressed of Tatsu beating her in fencing. The two would later seen training with lifting weights and taking long hikes. Both Diana and Tatsu. Another common thing about them is that both felt like they didn't belong in Metropolis due to them coming from different place (With Diana from Themyscira and Tatsu from Japan). However their friendship ended quickly when Diana learns that Tatsu (as Katanna) used the soul sword to steal the souls of criminal in the city and her friends. However after learing about what she done, Tatus not only freed the souls of all those entrapped in the sword but also became friends with Diana again.

In Am Batgirl Diana suggest that Tatsu would be a perfect replacement for Batgir.

Other Characters

Julia Kapatelis

Julia is Diana's adoptive mother. In the episode "House Pest," after failing to find a home, and knowing that she couldn't go back to Themyscira until she fulfilled her mission, Diana decides not to become "Princess Diana" but as "Diana Prince of Metropolis" instead. When she threw her stuff away, it unintentionally hits an old woman named Julia. After gaining back her conscience, Julia recognized both the sword and spear and was amazed to meet Diana, quickly figuring out that she was an Amazon.

Later, after taking Diana to her home, she shows her the artifacts that she collected over the years, including her beloved doll Jumpa and a sculpture of her mother's face. Diana admits she no longer wants to be "Princess Diana of Themyscira" but hears Julia reciting a Themyscirean proverb, which translates to "home is where the heart is." Julia then showed Diana to her daughter's room, given that she went to college. She admits that she felt lonely while she was alone. She then tells Diana that while she can be Diana Prince outside, inside she can remain as Princess Diana if she agrees, and yes... she did.

Steve Trevor

She is shown to have a crush on Steve Trevor, although it is currently unclear whether he likes her back. When she first stepped on Metropolis, he was the first person she met, and immediately she became smitten to him. A gag in this series is that his mere presence causes her to act goofy and lose focus. The best example for this is in the episode "Crushing It." Eventually, he is taken out by the Super Hero Girls by getting him accepted into the military academy. At the end of the episode, Diana has his picture taped into her locker.

In "DC Super Hero Boys," he makes another appearance, along with the Invinci-Bros, to see which is the better superhero team. She would again lose focus on the real problem, which was General Zod taking over the world but would regain it back when Hal told him to buy donuts.

In Part 3 of Space House Diana used the virtual simulator as a young to live out her fantasy with Steve such as doing on a date, getting married and buying a house.


She has encountered Batman in the episode, “The Warrior and the Jester.” Harley frames her for spray painting graffiti that says “Batman Stinks.” Diana was nervous and was intimidated by him at first, but after the Dark Knight defeated Harley Quinn, in the end, they both showed respect to each other.