Zee Zatara also known as Zatanna is one of the main characters in the DC Super Hero Girls. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


  • Magic
  • Atmokinesis
  • Chronokinesis
  • Dimensional travel
  • Disintegration
  • Elemental control
  • Electro-blast
  • Flight
  • Force field
  • Gravikinesis
  • Healing
  • Invisibility
  • Magical awareness
  • Molecular reconstruction
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Genie magic (sometimes)
  • Elasticity (Abracadabrapalooza)
  • Hair extension (Frenemies)


Zatanna has long purple and blue hair, light violet eyes, light pale skin, wears dark red lipstick & also wears a white long sleeve shirt with a black vest, and a small dark magenta short skirt and black high heel boots.

Episode Apperances



Digital Exclusives


Zee is a stickler for rules. Zatanna could, but not always be bragging about herself, but really she is a good, helpful, and loyal friend. She gets angry when nobody likes her magic acts.


Zee's very first paid performance as a solo magician is depicted in the episode "Adventures in Bunnysitting". She performs magic at a children’s birthday party in front of a crowd of three children at a park. The performance is interrupted when the spawn of the magical bunnies floods the park. At first Zee and Kara, who was supposed to watch the bunnies and keep them apart, sweep the spawn into Zee's top hat and make them disappear, but more and more keep flooding in. Zee casts a hate spell, but this turns the flood of bunny spawn into a giant bunny monster made up of individual bunny spawn. Kara is eaten by the giant bunny monster but flies out with the two magical bunnies in her hands and breaks the bunnies from their embrace, making all their spawn disappear.


  • She's the only member of the Super Hero Girls to not have a counterpart in the original web series.
    • Also, she replaces Hawkgirl.
    • She only appears in the comics, so as the novel Spaced Out.
  • Her suit is based of dceu prime earth.


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