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What? Batgirl is Barbara Gordon?

—Zatanna sarcastically, "DC Super Hero Boys"

Zee Zatara is one of the main characters in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a member of the Super Hero Girls and a student at Metropolis High School. She is also the daughter of Giovanni Zatara, who is also a magician and performs magic acts.


  • She's the only member of the Super Hero Girls not to have a counterpart in the original webseries.
  • Her suit is based off her appearance in DCEU Prime Earth.
  • Her hair is similar to Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, one of Faust's most notable works.
    • This is the first time Zatanna has had different colored hair as her main appearance, due to the fact that all of her previous incarnations have black hair.
  • It is shown that she casts her spells by saying the words backwards. However, there are times where she doesn't need to say anything to cast certain spells.


  • Magic
  • Atmokinesis
  • Chronokinesis
  • Dimensional travel
  • Disintegration
  • Elemental control
  • Electro-blast
  • Flight
  • Force field
  • Gravikinesis
  • Healing
  • Invisibility
  • Magical awareness
  • Molecular reconstruction
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Genie magic (sometimes)
  • Elasticity (Abracadabrapalooza)
  • Hair extension (Frenemies)


Zatanna is a short, yet curvaceous teenage girl with long purple and lavender-streaked hair, light violet eyes and apricot skin. She also wears dark red lipstick.

In her civilian attire, she wears a white long sleeve shirt with a black vest, a small dark magenta short skirt and black knee-length, high heeled leather boots.

In her superhero attire, her hair becomes highly luminous and glows various shades of purple. She wears a big, long, flowing black and purple cape, a purple jewel at her neck, a black and white suit that exposes some of her chest, grey pants and thigh-high black leather boots.


Zee is a stickler for rules. Zatanna could, but not always be bragging about herself, but really she is a good, helpful, and loyal friend. She can lose her temper when nobody likes her magic acts, her temper can get the best of her and make her explode by sometimes making a spell go wrong as shown in "Tough Crowd." She can be a bit selfish, jealous, and snooty as shown in "Fresh Princess of Ren Faire."


As explained in "Abracadabrapalooza," Zee and her father, Giovanni Zatara would travel cross country performing basic magic tricks from fairs to birthday parties in order to get their act off the ground and while they didn't get their big break, Zee loves performing with her father. One morning, Zee wakes up (while not noticing she's performing magic) and discovered a mysterious pink dot on her nose, thinking it was a pimple but when she tried to cover it, it disappeared and more dots started to reappear, causing her to hide it from her father.

During her trip, Zee began to unintentionally use magic such as pulling a coin out of a kid's ear, only to cause the ear to release an unlimited supply of coin, teleporting in and out while talking to a young boy, talking backwards while getting a burger, which caused the burgers and fries to fly out to the counter towards her and even more uncontrollable magic occurs while still trying to hide it from her father.

Later during practice, Zee discovered that she and her father were invited to be in Abracadabrapalooza, a big show for magic. However, on the night of the event, Zee told her dad she wasn't going to perform, causing her father to be sad upon hearing that. After he left, Zee began to experience more uncontrollable magic, causing her father to burst in and discover the truth, only to discover that he's also magic and was proud that she got her powers too. After been given a chest containing a book that will allow her to control her magic, Zee and her father perform and was discovered on stage by a bookie, where after traveling the world performing magic, Zee's Father was hired to work at the casino/hotel in Metropolis, thus starting a new life in the city.

Zee's very first paid performance as a solo magician is depicted in the episode "Adventures in Bunnysitting". She performs magic at a children’s birthday party in front of a crowd of three children at a park. The performance is interrupted when the spawn of the magical bunnies floods the park. At first Zee and Kara, who was supposed to watch the bunnies and keep them apart, sweep the spawn into Zee's top hat and make them disappear, but more and more keep flooding in. Zee casts a hate spell, but this turns the flood of bunny spawn into a giant bunny monster made up of individual bunny spawn. Kara is eaten by the giant bunny monster but flies out with the two magical bunnies in her hands and breaks the bunnies from their embrace, making all their spawn disappear.

Appearances Throughout the Franchise


  • Unlike her other incarnations, "Zatanna" is used as a codename, while "Zee" substitutes for it as her real name. Something unusual, since Zatanna is the real name of the heroine, while Zee is her nickname.
  • She is the only member of the Super Hero Girls who has not encountered Batman.


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