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The Zombie Plants are minor antagonists in the second generation of DC Super Hero Girls, with her first major role being in Retreat where are the second antagonists. They were created by Poison Ivy for exterminate Hal Jordan, Karen Beecher, Barbara Gordon, Jessica Cruz, and Garth Bernstein.


  • Chlorokinesis
  • Plant Communication
  • Plant Combat
  • Immeasurable speed
  • Immeasurable durability
  • Immeasurable senses
  • Immeasurable agility
  • Fighting instinct
  • Adaptive combatants
  • Hand-to-hand-combatant
  • Survival skills
  • Physicality High intelligence
  • Immeasurable Reflexes
  • Incredible superhuman strength
  • Intimidation


  • Irrational Hatred
  • Pesticide and herbicide
  • Saws
  • axes


  • Knowledge of plants
  • Survival skills
  • Hand-to-hand-combatant
  • Fighting Genius
  • Fighting Instinct
  • Knowledge of botany

Depiction in the series[]

Season 1[]

In Retreat Jess arrives at her parents' forest cabin retreat along with her friends Karen, Babs, Garth, and Hal. She asks Babs and Karen to give up their tech devices and Hal to give up his power ring, which she collects in a bag and puts away. She says they shouldn't use their powers anyway because Jess brought Pam along with them.

Pam witnesses the other members of the group break off branches, whittle wood, chop wood, and burn wood in a campfire, which horrifies her. When Jess offers her a veggie-kebab she runs off into the forest, where she turns into Poison Ivy. Babs tells a campfire story about the witch of the woods. The story parallels the actions of Poison Ivy, who raises zombie-like plants from the ground and directs them toward the campers. Ivy shrieks upon seeing Hal's name carved into a tree trunk, and Karen recognizes her voice. Hal says the witch of the woods got her, and Babs says she made up the story. The zombie-like plants surround them, and they run toward the lake. Garth is dragged in the lake, and emerges as Aqualad, but before he can do anything he's swallowed whole by a plant. The others run toward the cabin, and Hal gets his leg caught by one of the zombie-like plants, but Babs manages to break it off and they reach the cabin. The plant eventually takes over Hal, and he attacks the other campers, Jess, Karen, and Babs head to the bag containing their power rings and tech gadgets. Karen and Babs are taken by the plants, and Jess gets swallowed up by the plants right as she reaches the bag. Poison Ivy, watching from afar, says "Now this is the glory of nature.". Jess emerges out of the throngs of plants with a power-ring-construct chainsaw, and Babs, Karen, and Garth find their way out of the plants.

Season 2


Poison Ivy[]

The zombie plants love Poison Ivy very much since she was the one who created them, the zombie plants do everything Poison Ivy tells them without questioning her orders (which many armies do not). They are willing to lay down their lives for her and help and support Poison Ivy when necessary and probably in season two Poison Ivy will revive them again to plan a plan to eliminate the entire human race and return the world to the forest it once was.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal Jordan is an enemy of Poison Ivy and their army of zombie plants, he was already an enemy of Poison Ivy as shown in the short Equal Tights, but sometimes Poison Ivy and Hal are friends that could be said to have a relationship of frenemies. In Retreat when Poison Ivy transformed him into a humanoid plant he became his friend and subordinate, he became a member of her army temporarily, but when Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) defeated the zombies, Hal returned to normal.


Garth is also an enemy of them, when the zombies chased Hal, Babs, Karen and him when they ran to the lake a zombie plant grabbed Garth by the foot and dragged him to the lake but Garth transformed into Aqualad and defeated him but when he was at about to go down a marine zombie plant devoured Aqualad.


Karen is also one of her enemies, when Karen, Hal and Babs ran towards the cabin when they entered when Karen told Jessica that the plants took Garth and Pam she did not believe Babs and Karen but when she opened the door and saw to the zombie plants Karen, Babs and Jessica screamed and began to block the door and a little later they created armor and protection with what they had found and made the zombie plants sick then very furious Karen faced a giant zombie plant and defeated it then when Babs was defeated and Karen too she said ¨I always hated vegetables! ¨


Batgirl is the second archenemy of the zombie plants and Poison Ivy, since in the retreat episode and From Bat To Worse it was shown that Poison Ivy has a lot of huge hatred towards batgirl and the zombie plants also have a lot of hatred towards batgirl for defeating Poison Ivy in the episode From Bat To Worse and harming nature and when the plants defeated her before the plants dragged batgirl away she says "I always knew this is how I'd go out."

Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)

Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) is the arch enemy of Poison Ivy and her huge army of zombie plants and Poison Ivy has much more hatred for her than for batgirl for being a vegetarian as shown in retreat and vegetated and for damaging the ancient tree as He is shown on Misgiving Tree and the zombie plants also have a lot of hatred for him for what he did and for defeating them.


Poison Ivy[]

Main Article: Poison Ivy (G2)

Poison Ivy is the leader of the army of Zombie Plants. She created them in the Retreat episode to kill Jessica, Barbara, Karen, Hal, and Garth for harming nature. At the end of the episode Poison Ivy, watching from afar she thinks that her creations had killed the heroes and thinking that the heroes are dead, says "Now this is the glory of nature." , but fortunately Jessica manages to recover the ring from her and defeat the beasts.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)[]

Main Article: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (G2)

Hal Jordan joined them when he, Babs and Karen ran to the cabin and Poison Ivy transformed him into a humanoid plant when he arrived at the cabin when Jessica Cruz, Babs and Karen were blocking the door Hal started to feel bad and then his skin started to turn green like Poison Ivy's skin and then some pods began to surround him and then he transformed into a humanoid plant and attacked Jessica, Babs and Karen on the orders of Poison Ivy. Hal is a recurring member, but probably in the second season we will see that transformation again when Poison Ivy revives her army again and tries to return the world to the forest that it once was and the pods surround Hal and turn him back into one humanoid plant and is forced to follow Poison Ivy's orders.

Episode Appearance[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]


Season 1